Creating Broad Appeal When Selling a Home

One of the most important things I tell clients, or prospective clients (i.e. home sellers) and real estate agents is that staging is about creating broad appeal in order to attract as many buyers as possible. Many believe that home staging is the same as decorating, but that could not be further from the truth. When I am working with a client to design or decorate their home for them to live in, the most important thing is to appeal to their personal tastes and likes, and to create a space that will feel like home to them. When I am working with staging clients who are selling their home, the most important thing is to appeal to everyone else.

As a case in point, I recently staged a condo in Toronto. My client was a lovely, single woman. One of the first things that I recommended be changed were the paint colours in her 2 bathrooms and her kitchen. The bathrooms were both painted in a soft pink colour, and the kitchen was painted in a dark, intense orange.  She loved those colours, and could not understand, at first, why they would have to be changed. I tried to explain to her exactly what I spoke about earlier–that we are trying to appeal to as many people and demographics as possible, so neutral colours would be more effective at doing that. What if the prospective buyer was a young, single male? Would he be able to picture himself shaving in a pink bathroom. Likely not.

By painting the bathroom in a neutral colour, replacing the feminine shower curtain with a crisp, fresh white one, as well as adding accessories to give the space a spa-like feel, we were able to create a space that would appeal to any buyer.  For pictures and more information on what we did the kitchen to create broad appeal, please visit our blog at its new location, and follow this link: . You’ll love what you see!

Happy Selling!

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